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I don't have a tile yet. We'll see how soon I manage to come up with that.

My main character is Frankie. She's a college Literature professor. She and two other professors take a group of graduate students on a university study expedition. Her history with the other professors and the actions of the students are the impetus for much of what happens along the way.

The group travels to many countries. Frankie is rather bohemian and loves to explore the different cultures along the way. Foods, religions, art and the lives of the people that they meet on the journey are her passion.

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  • Will be anxiously awaiting each new entry here. Good luck.

    By Blogger Bone, at 8:53 AM  
  • I think it sounds like it'll be very interesting!

    By Blogger Indigo, at 1:32 PM  
  • Okay, I followed you here.

    Now it's my turn to get set up somewhere.


    By Blogger Raehan, at 2:57 PM  
  • please please please make them go to Bohemia! and Russia! What's Dr. Frankie's area of expertise? this sounds totally exciting to me. of course, im a dorky college student. atleast for another month...

    By Blogger Crystal, at 9:57 PM  
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